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Deck Channel Grating


Level deck designs are ideal for the collection of water splashed from the pool, whilst at the same time making it easier to climb out of the pool. The grating may however be used to cover any channel surrounding pools or other water features. The level deck channel grating is designed to allow for a 50% through-flow of drainage water and is available in various colours. It is injection molded polypropylene, each with a non-slip surface, UV stabilized, Chemical and chlorine resistant, sturdy and strong construction to suit three nominal channel widths of 200, 250 and 300 mm.

Level deck are design and suited for specifically the following purposes:

  • Olympic pool wave dissipation

  • Pool surface scum collection

  • Factory/abattoir drainage channel covers

  • Chemical drainage channel covers

  • Storm water drainage channel covers

Product properties:

  • UV Stabilized

  • Sturdy and strong construction

  • Non-slip surface

  • Chemical and Chlorine resistant

  • Also available in Stainless steel with or without powder coating (Custom sizes available)

  • Corner pieces are made from Stainless steel as standard with or without powder coating

Technical specifications:

  • Available in 200, 250 and 300mm Widths

  • 50% Free water passage

  • Standard colours - White, cream white, cream, beige and grey.

  • Non standard colours available in minimum order quantities.

  • Stainless steel grids are made of high grade stainless steel which is resistant to the aggressive Chlorine environment

  • Prefabricated Channels are manufactured from High grade stainless Steel

Pic 1.jpg

Stainless steel grating

Stainless steel corners



The channels are developed purposefully for the three standard grid sizes offered. They are light weight compared to normal concrete and are easier to handle.

No more form-work, or deviating channel widths on site. It allows for quick and easy construction.

Installation is simple:

  • Prepare a solid and even base. 

  • Place and align the preformed channels.

  • Place temporary securing pins or cement lumps at base level.

  • Place media or concrete around the channel to tile level.

The channels are manufactured from a light weight specialized concrete compound. 

The inner surface of the channels  have a smooth finish and is resistant to chlorine. Therefore no tiling is required on the inner surface once installation is complete.


Standard colour is dark grey, however special ordered channels can be colour coded to closely match the surrounding tiled area.

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