We offer an extensive range of services and products which cater for a large variety of pool and spa needs. As with our customer service, we too hold our suppliers to high standards to maintain customer satisfaction. Please click on our services tab and browse through our services to see what we can offer you.

Cleaning Contracts

Our pool technicians have had years of experience and attend training courses on a regular basis. This keeps them up to date with regular product development and upgrades to ensure they are able to maintain your swimming pool efficiently for you to enjoy.

Our staff liaise directly with you to inform you of any developments regarding your pools

water chemistry and equipment. Should any repairs be needed, our staff inform our office who dispatch a technician to inspect and quote on any repairs needed.


We also offer construction of Koi/fish ponds in custom shapes and designs. With our comprehensive knowledge of filtration, circulation, and aeration, we are able to ensure your pond is perfectly suited to create a thriving environment for your fish.

The above Koi pond was designed for our client in a way for his fish to be sheltered and also have the freedom to swim up into the glass tank to have a view outside of the tank.

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We pride ourselves in being able to create specific swimming pools to suit our client's lifestyle and home environment. We construct our pools from brick, concrete, and steelwork. From there we cement plaster the pool and prepare for either fiberglass lining or marble plaster as a surface finish. We supply and install the filtration equipment which is specific to the new swimming pool to maintain water clarity and also saving on electricity costs.

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Bioguard chemical range