Swimming Pool Cleaners

barracuda B3

A Swimming Pool is never complete without the ever popular new Barracuda Pacer B3. We are approved suppliers of Barracuda products as it is a breeze to fix and very efficient.

mx8 altThe Barracuda MX8 is the best option if you stay in a flat or complex as it works with gears and not a diaphragm system making it ultra quiet. We will however supply you with the best pool cleaner for your specific needs and in future will be able to repair it with no problems.


Cyclonic Suction Large & Transparent Leaf Canister.

The Cyclonic Leaf Catcher features delivers maximum suction power with no extra strain on pump. It offers easy control and maintenance with less frequent debris removal


cyclonic leaf catcher3The pool skim is a marvelous invention which in our opinion "WORKS". This clever unit is attached to the pool inlet.

It is a bucket shaped device where the water blows through and out the bottom into a net, causing a vortex on the pool surface attracting floating debris. Again, we supply this product, spares and are skilled in installation and repairs.