Swimming Pool Filtration

pool pumps and filtration

Swimming Pool Filtration may seem complicated, but not for us. We have great knowledge of how water works and flows. We use only the best filtration products ie. pumps and filter from SPECK POOL PUMPS or QUALITY POOL PUMPS.

We also Specialize in WHISPER-FLOW pumps which are very quiet, but come at a price. With regards to piping, valves, non return valves etc. we know just what to use and where to use it. For instance, in walls and under ground we will use a much thicker class piping and heavier duty fittings for reliability and durability. All visible areas like at the filtration plant we will use a thinner class piping and lighter duty fittings unless otherwise instructed.

Anything to do with filtration is our game whether it be fixing Swimming Pool leaks or faulty Swimming Pool pumps to installing an entire new Filtration system to a newly built pool.