Swimming Pool Cleaning Contracts

A POOL IS NOT A CLEAN POOL, unless it's kept in a outstanding clean Condition.

DSC030761 280x135We offer a weekly or fort nightly,swimming pool cleaning service, Pool cleaning contract, In Cape Town. Where our team of well trained and extremely trustworthy staff come to your property and service your swimming pool. This service consists of vacuuming the dirt from the floor of the pool, cleaning of all baskets and salt water chlorinators (if any). The Team will then backwash and rinse the filter and test Your swimming pools water chemistry & add chemicals needed for your swimming pools water according to our tip top up to date water testing kit.Once all the pool services are done, the walls will get a good brush down to brake up any algae growth, an prevent it from starting.

After a few visits Our pool cleaning Team Will get to know you, and your swimming pool, and it becomes easy for them to spot your swimming pool problems, before it get too serious. Our Cleaning Team are also trained & equipped for minor swimming pool repairs, but in the event of serious pool problems, you will be notified of the problem. To be fixed and any costs involved and the swimming pool maintenance, team will get called in immediately to begin your Swimming Pool repair, and say If your planning for any extra work to be completed or constructed on you pool Please feel free to report it to the team visiting your property an they will forward the information to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

You don't always have to drain it. Take a look at our Before & After Photo's