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Smart Tabs Jumbo Pack 1.6kg

Smart Tabs Jumbo Pack 1.6kg

SKU: B02203

Smart Tabs are stabilized, concentrated 200g chlorine tablets containing Smart Guard. Smart Tabs kill bacteria continuously by maintaining the proper chlorine level in your pool.


  • Smart Guard, the patented ingredient in Smart Tabs, prevents them from dissolving too quickly so they’ll last all week or up to  twice as long as ordinary tablets.
  • Easy on pool surfaces, pumps, filters and other equipment; because they’re formulated to erode only when the pump is running.
  • Won’t cloud water, and leaves no residue.
  • Once a week application.
  • Simply drop the required number of tabs (1 tablet per 25 000l water) into the weir basket – it’s that easy and out of sight.
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