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The swimming pool pump is like the heart of the pool, but for many years people have had to put up with noisy and energy-consuming single-speed pumps. Aquagem has developed a solution with their lnverSilence technology, the best option for a quiet and efficient pool pump.

The technology includes full inverter technology, a volute hydraulic system and a brushless DC motor. It allows the pump to run intelligently between 30-100% capacity for different applications such as filtration and backwash, reduces noise by over 30 times and saves up to 90% energy.


  • Full Inverter by InverSilence® Tech
  • Up to 15 Times More Energy-Saving
  • Up to 30 Times More Silent
  • Power Consumption Reading
  • One Touch Backwash
  • Intelligent Full Touch Controller
  • WiFi compatiable (if in signal range) to be controlled via smart phone app

Aquagem Inverpro pool pump - 1.4Kw

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