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Swimming pool cleaning contracts

Swimming Pool Cleaning contract

We offer a weekly or fortnightly swimming pool cleaning service.

Our teams of well trained and trustworthy staff come to your property and service your swimming pool.


This service consists of vacuuming debris from the pool floor, cleaning of all baskets, and saltwater chlorinators (if any). The Team will then backwash and rinse the filter and test your swimming pool water chemistry. They will then add the necessary chemicals needed to balance your pool water. The team will then brush down all the walls and step area to break up any possibility of algae growth.

After a few visits, our pool cleaning Team will get to know you, and your swimming pool.


Our team will become more acquainted with your swimming pool which will make it easier to pick up any issues that arise and when repairs are needed. They will inform you and our office who will then forward a quotation for the necessary repairs.

Our maintenance team will then get dispatched to attend to the repairs as soon as possible.

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